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Audiovisual Technology in the classroom

Hey everyone!

I haven't been on my blog this year, but I thought I'd share something with you all!  I have started working on my Master's degree in teaching and learning with technology.  As a result, I am doing a lot of assignments related to using technology in the classroom.  I just prepared this powerpoint as an assignment for my class.  It provides tutorials on four different audiovisual technologies. Check it out!

Starting the year right

This year, I've left P.E. on field and I'm back in the classroom teaching 9th grade science and 10th grade AVID.  I'm making sure to start the year off right with some classroom procedures to keep kids on task.

This year, I've implemented a classroom currency system.  I'm handing out tickets for being on time, staying on task, participating in discussions, and winning class games.  With those tickets, my students are allowed to buy bathroom passes (they get 3 free per semester), homework passes, charging passes (they always want to charge their devices), music passes, free time passes, and small school supplies (highlighters, pencils, etc.).  So far, it's going great.  With a room full of freshmen, I have to keep them on track, and they seem to be motivated by this system, and the best part is, it costs me nothing!  I make the tickets and passes on my computer, and I already had pencils and highlighters!  This also helps the students take some ownership: they …

I'm on TPT!!!

Hey everyone!  I know I haven't posted in a while, and I do plan to begin posting again soon, but will the new school year, and having changed subjects, I'm spending most my time working on lessons and grading, but I haven't forgotten about the blog!!!
I just wanted to let you know, I'm on Teachers Pay Teachers now!  I currently only have PE products up, but I plan to begin posting science products as well!  Check out my store.  I have some free downloads up there too!!!  Click the link: Kelly's TPT store

AVID strategy

This is not exactly an AVID strategy, but it is a strategy I'm using in AVID.  Kahoot!  It's a great resource for teachers!   It's a quiz game.  It can be used for review, introducing a topic, pre-assessment, or anything you see fit.  I created a Kahoot! to use in my AVID class.  Here is the link: AVID Kahoot! Check out Kahoot! and try making your own for your subject!

More on note taking: Weekly AVID strategy

As educated adults, we're aware that there is a strong correlation between the quality of our notes, and what we actually recall.  When we were in college, many of us used different colors while taking notes, made flow charts, and even drew little "doodles" in our notebooks all in an attempt to actually recall the plethora of information coming at us a mile a minute.  Our students are just learning how to take notes, and many of them haven't begun to think about how to improve quality and recall.  This lesson is all about showing students how to improve their recall.  We are having them add visual representations (or as I call them, "doodles") to their notes and demonstrating through memory exercises how this actually improves their recall.  So, rather than just telling students how to improve their notes, we're showing them WHY so that they actually internalize the effectiveness of this strategy for themselves.  Use this in any subject to help your stu…

Let's get Organized! AVID strategy

This week's AVID strategy is called "Let's Get Organized".  It is a fun way to practice in-class transitions, team work, and organizational skills.

Here is the activity:
1.Let’s Get Organized! Warning: This activity requires participants to move around the room. Please encourage everyone to move belongings under tables/desks to clear walkways. Students begin in their chairs. Tell students that they must be able to remember the following instructions for organizing themselves in groups and the actions that are associated with each grouping. Show slides to give a visual perspective of your expectations. It might also be a good idea to include students in some impromptu modeling. ·SLANT = 1 person in a chair, modeling their best SLANT ·Rigor = 2 people seated, challenging one another in a contest of arm wrestling ·Binders = 3 people standing back-to-back, bound together by interlocking arms ·WICOR = 5 people standing in a circle, all connected by placing hands on each other’s …